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Journal of Emerging Trends in Educational Research and Policy Studies (JETERAPS) (Vol 1 No 1)
Article Title: Availability of Recreational Facilities for Psycho-Social and Mental Well-Being of Adults in Anambra State
by G.O. Umeasiegbu and Nwankwo, C. A

The study was on the availability of recreational facilities for psycho-social and mental well-being of adults in Anambra state. The purpose was to ascertain the extent ofavailable recreational facilities that would promote the psycho=social and mental well being of adult citizens of the state. There is need for the study because there has been increase in the number of individuals of adult age dropping dead everyday in the state. Medical practitioners, counsellors and physical educators ascribe this situation on the high incidence of high blood pressure restlessness and piled up tension and stress. The researchers then wished to find out the availability of recreational facilities for psycho-social and mental well-being of adults in the state. One research question and null hypothesis guided the study. The study adopted in descriptive survey design. A questionnaire structured in form of checklist was used for data collection. It contains 14 items and was validated by three experts in physical education and measurement and evaluation. Also, the reliability coefficient was obtained from 20 community heads in 20 towns in Enugu State of Nigeria. Split half method was adopted based on odd and even number items of the instrument. The data collected was analysed using Pearson product moment correlation coefficient and the coefficient alpha obtained was 0.86. The population of the study consists of 147 town union presidents from the 147 towns in Anambra state. A sample of 100 town union presidents was selected. Proportionately stratified random sampling technique was used in the selection of the sample representing 68 percent of the population. The stratification was based on urban and rural types of towns. Data collection was carried out by the researchers and 10 research assistants. The data collected were analysed using frequency tables and percentages for the answers to the research question and the null hypothesis was tested using chi square (X2). The study revealed that most of the recreational facilities necessary for the psycho-social and mental well-being of the adults are not available in Anambra state. There is however significant difference in the availability of the recreational facilities in the urban and rural settings
Keywords: availability, recreational facilities, psycho-social, mental well- being and adult
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Editor-in Chief

Prof. Guofang Li
Associate Professor
Department of Teacher Education
College of Education
Michigan State University
United States of America.